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What is NTC?

What does NTC do?

Nebraska Transition College, or NTC, is a non-profit that helps young adults with Asperger’s/Autism or other learning differences to figure out the world of “adulting;” to learn, work, and live on their own in a way they choose. NTC does this by offering classes and practical application that focuses on strengthening social interaction skills, living skills, and work-ready skills. Our courses, currently offered in Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska, fall into the topic themes of wellness, community navigation, social relationships, civic responsibility, vocational/pre-vocational, and residential living, culminating in an optional 12-18-month apartment living experience.

Is there a building or campus I go to? A dorm I move into?

NTC does not have a centralized campus or dorms. A centralized campus and dorms are expensive and create a situation where students have to travel to where NTC is. Our goal is to keep our program as accessible as possible in terms of cost and availability. We currently offer classes in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. Our vision is to expand our program to wherever there are students wanting to participate, across Nebraska and beyond.

Do my credits at NTC transfer?

No. Our curriculum is not academic in nature; we are not an academically accredited organization.

What does a typical student look like?

  • Our students have graduated high school and have a learning difference, most commonly Asperger’s/Autism. There is not an upper age limit, but most of our students are between 18-25 years old.
  • Some students drive, some have a part time job, some are taking courses from a community or four-year college.
  • Students may have just finished high school and plan to take a full course load at NTC. Others are taking 1-2 NTC courses while continuing work and or take other classes.
  • Our students would describe themselves as “high-functioning” and live with their family. They are motivated to develop needed skills to reach their goals, including living independently.

What are the instructors like?

With a wide variety of courses, we have credentialed, experienced instructors with different backgrounds; special education teachers, licensed therapists and counselors, transition coaches, and vocational specialists. We incorporate subject experts as guest speakers where logical. Click here to see our instructor profiles.

Is NTC For Me?

How can NTC help me?


  • Many of us learn and think differently. It’s not easy to be a different thinker in a neurotypical world. These differences can be invisible to others which can make it hard when you are trying to get help to overcome challenges. NTC aims to help you feel better prepared to cross the bridge over into the next step towards an independent life of your choice.
  • NTC’s curriculum is built on the belief that young adults can greatly benefit from connection, understanding, explicit instruction, and practice to better find their way in navigating a predominately neurotypical world. Being with neurodivergent peers that experience similar challenges and learning needs is important. Equally important are having the right classes with instructors that “get” it.
  • Going at the pace that works for you, NTC offers a full three-year curriculum, all designed to strengthen relationship skills, work ready skills, and independent living skills.

How Can I Tell if NTC is for me?

  • You may want to feel connected, understood and empowered to tackle adult life.
  • You may be feeling anxious about the future. Does your upcoming high school graduation feel less like a celebration and more like a scary step into the unknown? If you have already graduated, does it feel like everyone else has moved on to college or started a job? Perhaps you jumped into a full-time college or work schedule and became overwhelmed. Maybe you feel like you aren’t quite ready for all that.
  • You might have some trouble with social interactions and “unwritten” social rules that seem inconsistent. You might not adjust to lots of changes or sudden changes very well.
  • You know you’re smart but wonder why some seemingly basic things are so hard to figure out.
  • You want to move out/live on your own, but the thought is overwhelming.
  • In the face of all these questions and the anxiety they might cause, you might feel the need to shut down for a while.

About Classes

How has COVID-19 affected classes?

Meeting in-person is our priority. When we do, we will be following strict protocols to ensure the safety of our students. It is likely that from time to time instruction will have to occur remotely (online). To participate online you will need a device with microphone and webcam capability.

How much will classes cost me?

  • Each 12-week class costs $289. Two classes total $578 and three total $867. One year (three quarters) of full-time classes totals about $2,600.
  • Some classes may have additional fees to cover added costs such as Public Transportation will require the purchase of bus tickets, Consumer Exploration may have added costs if you intend to buy groceries or join a group at a restaurant. Any additional costs will be outlined before registration opens.
  • NTC plans on in-person classes but situations (like COVID-19) may create the need to join online instruction such as Zoom videoconferencing. To participate you will need a device with microphone and webcam capability.

What classes can I take?

  • There are a few classes that have prerequisites, but otherwise you can take whichever classes are offered each quarter. Take a look here at our course catalog.
  • You can take every course, or you can pick and choose – it’s completely up to you. After applying for admission, there’s no obligation to take classes. You have up to three years to decide what courses you want to take, after which you will need to refresh your application.

When are the classes offered? How long does class last?

  • Classes are typically held Monday through Friday, once a week, for 90 minutes.
  • The days and times are different per class and per quarter. They are announced at least 3 months in advance. Check out our current course offerings here and our current year calendar here.

Where are classes held?

  • Currently classes are offered in Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska.
  • NTC believes in having classes out in the community, especially when it ties directly to the course content. The location for each specific class is decided at least 3 months in advance (typically 6 months) and include spaces in places like banks, libraries, colleges, grocery stores, and other non-profits.
  • Class locations differ per class and per quarter. Look at our current class offerings under the Registration site or here.

Will NTC provide transportation?

No. NTC does not provide transportation.

What are classes like?

  • NTC classes are not like traditional academic classes requiring a lot of time outside of class. We focus on in-class discussion and active participation. Typically, there is 1-2 hours of work outside of class geared to practicing and building skills.
  • Classes are small (up to 15 students), relaxed and allow for discussion in a supportive atmosphere.
  • NTC doesn’t have a traditional “A to F” grading system. You and your instructor do an assessment to evaluate your progress and determine what, if anything, you might need more help with.

How To Join NTC

I’m interested! What do I do next?

  • Before registering for classes for the first time, we need to get to know you! We do that through our application process (open year-round). You must have applied and been accepted into NTC before you can register for your first class. There is no cost to apply to NTC. Once you are accepted, you don’t have to immediately register for class, you have three years to decide if you want to take NTC classes or not. Click here for the application instructions and forms.
  • There are a few requirements to being admitted, including having graduated from high school before NTC classes begin, have a verified disability, and want to be here! Click here to see more information.
  • For planning purposes it’s best to allow a few days to get your application together and allow 1-2 weeks for NTC to process and get back to you.
  • If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to call or email us.

I’m still not sure if NTC is for me, can I email or call with more questions?

Absolutely! Click here to call or email us with any questions or if you want to chat with someone live to see if NTC is right for you.