Become one of us by talking about us.  Spread the word that something is up, and that something is GOOD!  If you REALLY feel like doing something, consider one of the following steps you can take:


Consider Volunteering

We will add your name to our growing list of volunteers who might like to help with just one event or on-going events as we continue to grow.  E-mail us at and ask us to add you to the list of volunteers!


Host an Event

We love to come out and tell people about who we are and what we are doing!  We also love to gain valuable insight from parents and community members, so we can improve our program planning.  E-mail us at and ask us to add you to our list of hosts!


Host a Fundraiser

The fact is simple – we can not come into existence without this piece of the puzzle fitting into place.  The fundraiser you host can be small or large and in any venue.  Invite five of your friends or host a block party!  E-mail us at and tell us that you would like to host a fundraiser!


We have the ideas.  We have the motivation. 

We have the passion. 


We need your donation. 

Planning the Next Day, Setting the Alarm ($1-$100) 

Planning the next step forward.  Staying focused.  You got this.


It Took Three Tries, But I NAILED IT ($101-$500)

My teachers encouraged me to never give up.  Today, I know what success feels like.


I have never Worked, so Today is Scary ($501-$1,000)

But I have come this far, and I will work my way through the fear and find courage.


My Co-Workers at my Internship are AWESOME   ($1,001-$5,000)

They didn’t even care that I wore headphones while I worked!


I’m Beginning to Gain Confidence ($5,001-$10,000)

Today, I led the freshman class on their first bus trip around the city!


I am beginning to Live My Legacy ($10,001-$25,000)

It seems like so little time has passed, but graduation is just around the corner.  How can that be?


Applying for my Own Job ($25,001-$50,000)

My co-workers at my internship had a farewell party for me today.  They also gave me lots of letters of recommendations!


Graduation Day ($50,001-$100,000)

I was chosen to give the speech!!


Interdependence ($100,001-$250,000)

I won’t lie – this is scary.  But I believe in myself.  I’ve got this.


Fulfilling My Potential ($250,001 + )

I am sharing myself with the world.  I am flying.  I am me.