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Day #23: Healthy Relationships

Day #23: Healthy Relationships

Our first class, "Unlocking Your Best Self" with Mrs. Jessi Sandberg

The highlight of the day was our classes. We have two classes that meet on Thursday afternoon/evening, and they are taught by Mrs. Jessi Sandberg and Mr. Sam Comfort. In “Unlocking Your Best Self”, the theme for the evening was healthy relationships. She asked them several questions, and they had to hold up a card that had the options “True” or “False”.

Here are the questions Mrs. Sandberg asked the class, and I encourage you to ask them of yourself. Once you have asked yourself the question, answer to yourself with either a “true” or “false”:

1. A true friend will talk poorly about you to another person.

2. It is okay to talk about your personal (friend/family) problems with your co-workers.

3. It is okay to send mean comments to a person through text or social media.

4. It is okay to check your significant other's phone for text messages to make sure they are not getting messages from another potential romantic interest.

Now, as a general matter, I believe we all know the correct answer to these questions – and yes, depending on the nature of the relationship at work, there may be room for some gray area.

But knowing the correct answer and living the right answer are two completely different things. I have, at one time or another, failed in all four areas. I anticipate the answer is the same for many of you. And failure is expected at one time or another. What is not expected is repeated failures – something that can be a devastating example to those we love.

As we continue to have these conversations with our students, there should be nothing stopping all of us from having them with each other. In doing so, we become better people, better role models and mentors, and better community members.

That’s all today. In addition to teaching our students, Mrs. Sandberg gave me something to think about and to implement. Both she and Sam do this every week. The heart of Nebraska Transition College.

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