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Day #8: Out of the way, Turkey!

Updated: May 14, 2019

Day #8

After my test drive yesterday (if you recall, I wrote down an engagement on the wrong day), I started my day today with a journey to the other end of the earth (or so it felt). If you have ever had to drive across the city of Lincoln, you know what I mean. And if the city layout is bad, there’s nothing public transportation is going to do to fix it.

Also, it was raining.


There is not much in this world that will humble you like standing in the cold rain. 25 minutes. When I am 1.7 miles away, and on edge about missing a bus, I get a little jumpy about making sure I get to the stop on time. I caught myself starting to get a little silly, and my thoughts were all over the place. It’s times like these when you question just what the heck you are doing with your life. Sometimes it just sucks when a passion gets hold of you, and you relent to it – lock, stock, and barrel. The biggest struggle is – and continues to be – finding the faith that by doing good things, good things will happen. It makes it even harder when your family is 100% behind you. Stuff you think about while standing in the rain waiting for a bus.

P.E.O Local chapter, wet stuff AGAIN, and the awesome folks at Cornhusker Bank

The main event today was a speaking gig at Cornhusker Bank out on 61st and Hwy 2. Like I said, the other end of the earth from where I am starting out in northwest Lincoln. But, since I already made the trip yesterday, I knew the routine. In fact, I already knew how to make it easier. Keep in mind, the entire reason of doing this is to design a curriculum for our students to be able to confidently navigate the city via Star Tran. For every new trip, there is learning to be done, because the stops are different, the territory is different, the transfers are different . . . but the SECOND time on the same trip cements the knowledge to muscle memory. It’s king of scary how quickly it happens.

Yes, we must raise money too, and that is certainly part of this. But the money will be there, or it won’t.

Faith . . . it’s hard.

I spoke to a group called P.E.O. International – the local chapter here in Lincoln. It is a philanthropic organization where women celebrate the advancement of women; educate women through scholarships, grants, awards, loans, and stewardship of Cottey College and motivate women to achieve their highest aspirations. In short, a pretty awesome group to speak to about NTC. My mom happens to be one of the local chapter officers. I call it highly localized networking.

My trip home was uneventful/eventful. I am becoming more and more relaxed with the app called BUSLNK – I use it primarily to give me the most accurate schedule of when the bus will arrive at the stop. It is accurate to the minute, and it is much more reliable than the printed schedule (just because of variations in traffic, how many riders, weather, etc.). I had five minutes to get to the stop about two blocks away, but I was hungry (forgot to eat breakfast).

Juice Stop? I got time.

At the start of all this, there was NO WAY I would have taken the chance. But I was able to obtain said Juice Stop deliciousness (I’m a freestyle man) and make it to the bus stop about 1 minute prior to the bus arriving.

I’m wondering if the immense gratification I felt from this almost perfect timing might have been an indicator that I have been riding the bus too long, I have not slept enough, the effects of being constantly cold and wet, or a combination of all three. The freestyle was the most delicious I have had in a long time, however.

Out of the way, Turkey!

Then, on my last leg of the day’s journey, I came upon a rafter of turkeys (that is the technically correct word for a group, or flock). The male was in full display and apparently I was not nearly as attractive as the hen is was trying to impress. Ah, spring.

Day 8 in the books.

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