Our Vision: Three-year Any-Resident Program 


We continually design curriculum that is comprehensive in scope.  Our curriculum is designed to meet students where they are in their development and build upon that foundation.   During their time with us, students will participate in discussion and activities shaped around various curriculum themes designed to build confidence in social, living, and work-readiness skills. Our students will have the skills to live interdependently, be prepared to obtain competitive employment, and/or to pursue post-secondary education options.

Eligibility Considerations:

NTC Student Profile Example: Janet

Note: The following is an example of the background and goals of a typical NTC student.  This example is meant to help prospective students, parents, and guardians determine if our programming might be an appropriate option for further skill development on the road to living independently.  In no way does this example exemplify every NTC student; each student will have a unique background, goals, and strengths. 


Janet received her high school diploma last year. 


She completed the traditional 4 years of high school taking a majority of general education classes with supports, accommodations, and modifications.  Upon completion of her senior year, her IEP team, including Janet and her parents agreed she would benefit from continued services.  She went on to participate in her school district's transition program, where she was able to spend a little more time in her community and continue to practice and learn functional skills.   In her final year of transition services, Janet spent one year in a Project SEARCH program through her school district, and at the end of the program, Janet had a part time job.


Janet likes to be around others, helping others, and would consider herself a people person.  She hopes to work in customer service one day, however, her current job would be considered "back of the house" and not customer focused.  Janet does have challenges with communication and social skills in the work setting.  After receiving her high school diploma, Janet started her associate degree in hospitality, but after one semester, she stopped taking classes.  The social situations were very difficult to navigate, and this made focusing on classwork difficult. Janet has applied for Vocational Rehabilitation services but is currently on the waiting list. Her goal is to find full-time employment where she is working with and helping others and lives on her own.  She would also like to build on her strengths to navigate social and work relationships and also community living skills.

Residential vision

  • After completion of each curricular stream, our students will become eligible to reside in a flow-through apartment within the community as part of our inclusive, integrated, and natural-setting approach to our living skills curriculum. This 12-18 month practicum will help prepare students for the final leg of living independently. 

  • Students will have 1-3 roommates depending on the size of the apartment.

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