Everyone reading this will understand what an understatement

it is to call Stuart Stofferahn generous. Unfortunately probably

few of the future families that benefit from his passion and his

vision with truly get the perspective his NTC team has about

him and his huge heart. Because of his enormous generosity

he invited me and my son Kyle to share our story and then

follow his progress in bettering the community by enabling

young adults with special challenges. We are not the instigators of this incredible undertaking, nor are we the planners, researchers, negotiators and volunteers spending so much time and energy making the dream real. We are just a mother and son. We may have somewhat unique challenges in the eyes of “normal” society, but that is all we are. What we can offer, however, is a simple message about the opportunities that NTC will bring to the futures of so many. What Kyle and I have now that we didn’t have before is - hope.


"What Kyle and I have now that we didn’t have before is - hope."


Kyle hopes for a community where he not only fits in,  but where he belongs. Not where he will be supervised or taken care of, but where he will be taught to take care of himself and even contribute to satisfying others’ needs. A place where he can become an independent, productive person who brings value to his own life and to the people in his community and place of employment. While Kyle may not have the academic, social or physical ability to survive in today’s advanced post-secondary education system, he does has the talent, skills, ability and passion to provide and to serve. NTC is the lifeline that can give

him the training and opportunity to reach his full potential – on his own!


My hope for Kyle is to feel good about himself and his life. That will only happen if he finds the place where he belongs and feels valued for his contributions. My hope is for Kyle’s sisters to be relieved of the worry and the burden about caring for Kyle in the future. I don’t mean providing his food and shelter; I mean helping him find happiness. That won’t be possible unless he learns the necessary life skills and then finds opportunities to use those skills.


I don’t mean providing his food and shelter; I mean helping him find happiness.




In a society with so many facets of intellectual

challenges, an educational institution designed

to navigate the transition to adulthood and

productivity is long overdue. As a potential

future beneficiary of such an institution, I can

only express my heartfelt gratitude for the

efforts put forth to bring this necessity to our

community. The lives of so many will be

enriched by the skills that NTC will teach and

support. The lives of NTC’s students, families,

and those in the community that will benefit

from all of the contributions that NTC’s

graduates will fulfill. The words “thank you” are not nearly enough to express the emotion surrounding this achievement. How does one truly thank people for hope? If you can answer that, please help me send that message to the NTC board, advisors, supporters, sponsors, volunteers, and to one very special and inspirational motivator - Stuart Stofferahn.


Cindy & Kyle Meyer