Our application process is always open; prospective students can apply year-round.

The process has several steps:

1.   Print and complete ALL documents (sorry, no fill forms yet!).

2.  Submit a COMPLETE application (use the checklist to guide you). 

          NTC will  only review complete applications (all components received).    

          Failure to submit a complete application will delay registration for current classes. 

          We HIGHLY recommend making a copy of your application for your records BEFORE sending.

3.  Submit by printing and mailing to:  

                                     Nebraska Transition College

                                     Application for Enrollment

                                     6901 N. 13 Cir

                                     Lincoln, NE  68521

4.  NTC will confirm receipt of application and completeness.

5.  After review, NTC staff will contact every applicant. Appropriate matches will be offered an interview (most likely by phone).

6.  Prospective student contacted with final decision.

7.  After acceptance you can register for classes.


Pre-application tips:

* Each prospective student will need two reference letters. Be sure to include BOTH letters in the application

* We will need a copy of your most recent IEP and MDT or 504 plan  

* The NTC Application is to be completed by the prospective student only - with accommodations as required. 


* Once a prospective student has gained acceptance into NTC, he/she does not have to re-apply each quarter - as long as the student remains in good standing.  Previous NTC students who have not completed the application process must complete the application and receive an approval letter before being allowed to register.


* We understand the challenge associated with securing two letters of reference.  If you are having difficulty, please contact us at info@nebraskatransitioncollege.org


*When a class reaches a maximum capacity, students will be placed on a wait list in order of application. If space does not allow for wait list students the quarter applied for, they  will receive first preference the next time the class is offered.

It is important to remember that our curriculum is designed for students who meet specific eligibility requirements which can be found by clicking the Prospective Students tab.  These requirements will be used by our staff to determine registration approval for each prospective student.  In the event a prospective student does not meet the requirements for admission, he/she may reapply no sooner than six months after the date of the last application.