The Unknown Good - A NTC Production in Partnership with KZUM FM

Everyone has a story to tell.  Within those stories, there is heartbreak, joy, struggle, resiliency, and celebration.  There is also grace, loving, kindness, inclusion, compassion, and inspiration.  

The stories – and the people – are all around us.  Unknown.

That is the premise to the format of our podcast, The Unknown Good.  Even better, it will be produced and co-hosted with help from any of our students who might be interested in this opportunity!  We will interview everyday people – common Joes and Janes.  People we know a lot, and people we know a little – because everyone has a story to tell.

Support for our podcast comes from Green Flash Brewhouse & Eatery and Cassi Ohlin and the Nebraska Realty High-5 Team. Be sure to check them both out on Facebook and all the other social media outlets.


If you are interested in the music we use for our podcasts, be sure to check out the album by Lincoln resident Rachael McLeod entitled "For the Record".

Our podcast releases will take place twice each month.  Below are our first releases, but there are many more!  Click on an episode or go to  Pictured in our logo is Leo Seravalli – our first producer and co-host!  Stay tuned – literally!